Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to award $3,000,000

United States Department of Agriculture
Risk Management Agency – Spokane Regional Office
Federal Register Announcement
June 7, 2013

The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC), operating through the Risk Management Agency (RMA), announces its intent to award approximately $3,000,000 to fund the Risk Management Education Partnerships Program.

Please note the following:
1. Applications must be submitted to rma.agrisk.umn.edu
2. A tutorial on how to apply is also available online at rma.agrisk.umn.edu. Please read the RFA and tutorial before submitting an application.
3. RMA will provide training on RFA changes from last year as well as how to apply on this new system on June 14 and June 27. To register for this free training, please send an email to RMA.Risk-Ed@rma.usda.gov or call 202-720-0779.
4. Applications will not be accepted through Grants.gov.
5. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
6. Applicants must be registered in the System for Acquisition Management (SAM) which has replaced the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Please visit www.SAM.gov for information on how to register.
7. Application process closes July 22 at 11:59 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). NO EXCEPTIONS. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications early.
8. Required documents to be completed, signed and uploaded to the application system prior to submitting the application are:
a) OMB Standard Form 424, “Application for Federal Assistance”
b) OMB Standard Form 424-A, “Budget Information – Non-construction Programs”
c) OMB Standard Form 424-B, “Assurances, Non-constructive Programs”
d) OMB Standard Form LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities”
e) AD-1049, “Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace”
f) “Current and Pending”

These forms are available in the application system on the “Tutorials and Application Resources” page. Applications submitted without these required forms will be rejected.

Questions may be forwarded to USDA–RMA– RME, phone: 202–720–0779, e-mail: RMA.Risk-Ed@rma.usda.gov. You may also obtain information regarding this announcement from the RMA Web site at: http://www.rma.usda.gov/aboutrma/agreements.

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