Cover to Cover – “Wax” by Phil Duncan

WAX Cover 1Phil DuncanHere’s the setup: Yancey Muncey is dead. Or, he was. Raised from the grave by the shadowy figure of Dr. Blankenship, Yancey is now back in high school, hanging out with his best friend, and working up the nerve to ask the girl of his dreams to the upcoming Halloween carnival.

But not everything is the same as it was before: Yancey’s eyes are yellow, his skin is blue, and he’s indestructible. As if that weren’t bad enough, Dr. Blankenship has made it his life’s mission to hunt Yancey down. Because the only reason Yancey is alive again is to help the good doctor destroy his rival.

An average boy with a new lease on an extraordinary life, Yancey must battle high-trained security and high school bullies in his quest to get back to normal. What’s the worst that can happen after all? He’s already dead.

We had the opportunity to talk with author Phil Duncan, who’s one of the 12 YA or Young Adult authors appearing this Saturday, June 1 at Klindt’s Booksellers in The Dalles. We found him as fascinating as his characters. Take a listen by clicking on the podcast bar below.

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