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christopher-kellyxamerica-invades-coverDid you know that America invaded England during the Revolutionary War, or that Russia was invaded by the United States in 1918?

Those are just two of the fascinating stories you’ll find in America Invades: How We’ve Invaded or been Militarily Involved With Almost Every Country In The World.

The United States has either invaded, fought in or had a military presence in 191 of the 194 recognized by the United Nations, adds Kelly, a military historian who has documented American invasions great and small and their effects. The only countries we haven’t been militarily involved with are Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein.

“Our first major invasion happened before we even declared our independence from England,” says co-author Christopher Kelly says. “Nearly 3,500 colonists invaded what is today Colombia in 1741.”

He and co-author Stuart Laycock spent two years researching this fascinating book. Among the photographs in a special photography section is a portrait of Queen Marie of Romania, obtained from Maryhill Museum in Goldendale. In the podcast below he talks about visiting Maryhill and the connection between his family and the queen.  To hear our interview, just click on the grey podcast bar below.

About the authors: Christopher Kelly is the son of a Korean War veteran and the descendant of Stephen Van Rensselaer, the leader of a disastrous invasion of Canada during the War of 1812. Kelly is the past chairman of Chyron Corp. (now ChyronHego) and the former director of Kelly Television Co. and Kelly Broadcasting. His co-author, Stuart Laycock, is a British historian and author. Laycock is the author of All the Countries We’ve Invaded which covers British military history.



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