Kara Hamilton – A New Leash on Life

A New Leash on Life 300kara 300Smokey, the miniature apricot poodle, is blessed. But can it last? With the arrival of a new baby, he struggles to adjust to his new place in the family. After several failed tactics, he ingeniously teaches the baby how to behave around him so they may co-exist peacefully. He realizes that there’s enough love for everyone in the family, and also gains a new best friend.

This is a charming book, beautifully illustrated and lovingly written. It also includes a helpful, illustrated guide at the back with instructions for how a child should approach a dog, and what signs to look for that the dog isn’t ready to play. And an interview with the Moms of The Humane Society of the United States offers additional tips for introducing a new family member to a pet, how to teach a child to interact safely with their own 0r other people’s pets, and more.

About the Author

The adjective multi-talented is thrown around with increasing frequency these days, often with little justification. But in the case of our guest this morning, it is entirely warranted. Kara Hamilton has an actual degree in broadcast journalism from Florida State where she was a regular contributor to Florida A&M’s newspaper and to what was then the Sunshine Network and now Fox Sports Sun. Then she headed north to New York for an acting career involving indie films, national commercials and David Letterman. But that’s not all. She also has appeared as a model in international campaigns for BMW, Dockers, Ponds and Hanes among others and graced the covers of national magazines.
Now she has written the book A New Leash on Life.
It tells the story of a beloved family dog reacting to a new top dog in the family – a baby who soaks up all he attention, and how the family ultimately adjusts.

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Laura Miller – Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

The book

The book

Laura Miller, photo by David Loftus

Laura Miller, photo by David Loftus

Eating vegan should mean celebrating flavor, not sacrificing it! Laura Miller does just that with her new cookbook, Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. The YouTube star brings her enthusiastic spirit into her cooking with recipes that appeal to not only vegans but all who love food. The recipes are paired with gorgeous photographs taken by Jamie Oliver’s renowned photographer, David Loftus. Laura’s debut cookbook includes more than a hundred completely vegan and mostly raw recipes that are easy to make and to love. Laura makes eating vegan fun with simple recipes tht include everything from your energizing morning avacado grapefruit bowl, sweet potato curry for a savory dinner to her mouthwatering lavender cheesecake for dessert that looks (almost) too beautiful to eat.

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Doug Hansen – California, The Magic Island

California the Magic IslandDoug HansenQueen Calafia, the main character of a sixteenth-century Spanish romance about an island overflowing with gold and populated by Amazon-like women, is incensed when she hears that we have adopted her name for our state. Being the good and reasonable queen that she is, she’s willing to hear from twenty-six animals about why California is worthy of her name. But if she decides it isn’t, she’ll launch an army of goddesses riding griffins to wreak her vengeance! Each animal characterizes California in a key cultural object or historical event: for example, the swordfish describes the tomols of the Chumash people, while the gull tells Calafia about the Gold Rush. Large, intricate illustrations display a wealth of research into every subject, rendered with the highest level of artistic skill.

More majestic than most ABC books, California, the Magic Island is a delightful exploration of what makes California worthy of its regal name.

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Fred Setterberg – Sam Maloof: 36 Views of a Master Woodworker

Excerpt from Chapter 7 – Former President Jimmy Carter:
“He was not just the best woodworker that ever lived, (h)e was a person admirable in all his characteristics. He was a philosopher. He was deeply committed to basic moral values. I really have been inspired by Sam.”
Fred Setterberg picMaloof cover_300rgbThe first craftsman to receive a MacArthur Foundation genius grant, a man whom his friend and fellow furniture maker Jimmy Carter called the best woodworker that ever lived, Sam Maloof was one of the great masters of midcentury modernism. His pieces sensuous, inviting design and immaculate workmanship elide any distance in critical perception between craft and art, and his furniture is found in private domains throughout the world and in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian. Warm and gregarious, Maloof was loved by those who knew him. His Southern California compound became the hub of a rich network of artists and artisans; and today, six years after his death, thousands of visitors pass through his home and workshop to catch a glimpse of a life so rich in beauty.

This engaging book, which will be released on the centennial of Maloof s birth, skillfully weaves together the words of family, friends, and associates to present thirty-six perspectives on a great artist. Far from the solitary genius we often imagine a creative person to be, the person who emerges from these stories is both the proud product of the community from which he originated and an anchor of the Pomona Valley arts scene he helped create. Surprising and illuminative, Sam Maloof places not only art, but also the role of the artist, at the heart of our culture. The book includes over one hundred color and black-and-white photographs.Published in collaboration with The Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts & Crafts

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Mary Higgins Clark – As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By coverMary_Higgins_Clark_from WikipediaInternational and New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark has written thirty-five suspense novels; three collections of short stories; a historical novel; two children’s books; and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges. With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she has coauthored five more suspense novels. Her books have sold more than 100 million copies in the United States alone. We spoke with her back in November 2014 about The Cinderella Murder written with Alafair Burke, and we are delighted to have her back today for her latest, As Time Goes By

The title is a reference to the classic song from Casablanca, and  the line just before that might well apply to her own successful career – “the fundamental things apply:” In her case, that means creating interesting, believable characters, putting them in a complex threatening situation, blending well and serving to the readers with zest. 

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Joel Kabakov – Available Light

Joel KabakovAvailable Light coverJoel Kabakov is a Renaissance man for the 21st Century who has done everything except design siege engines. To quote from the biographical sketch he has provided, Joel was born into a Los Angeles household with a father who spoke fluent native Russion and “colorful” English, a monther who sang accurate alto and played piano. He pursued his love for composition – music and poetry leading him to a doctorate Harvard in music as well as the reason he’s here today. His first volume of poetry, Available Light, was published in October by Goldfish Press of Seattle. Some of the poems in it have previously appeared in a number of journals including the poem Night Singer, which was awarded editor’s choice by Line Zero Magazine.

He is presently the Chair of Arts and Humanities at CGCC and lives in The Dalles with his charming wife Antonia. On Friday, April 15 at 4 p.m. he will join local poet Stacey Shaw and Oregon’s Poet Laureate Peter Sears at Riverenza in The Dalles in honor of National Poetry Month. The event is presented through a partnership between North Wasco School District 21 Libraries, The Dalles – Wasco County Public Library, Columbia Gorge Community College Library and Klindt’s Booksellers.

Stacey Shaw – Half Moon Over: Poems West of The Divide

HMoonCoverStacey Shaw captureStacey Shaw is a person of many talents.  In a previous life, Stacey was a pilot, a climber, and a scuba diver. In that life, she was published in Climbing Magazine, where she was a staff member. Today, Stacey is a teacher, author, filmmaker, and painter. Her specialties also include visual arts, fundraising, business/program development, organizational management, curriculum and instruction development and language education. She is not only bilingual, but biliterate as well in Spanish and English She holds degrees in Latin American Studies and Education.  Here’s how one person described her on her website: “Stacey is a pro at the lost art of listening. After describing to her what was a fully formed and solid story line, she made one small suggestion that immediately solved a fundamental problem with my story structure that I hadn’t discussed, but which had been secretly nagging me for months. It’s rare to be able to turn to someone so wholly present and helpful.”

Her first book of poetry, Half Moon Over: Poems of the Western Divide, will be featured at a special event at Klindt’s Booksellers in The Dalles in honor of National Poetry Month. She’ll be joined by local poet and musician Joel Kabakov and Oregon’s poet laureate, Peter Sears. That event is Friday, April 15 at 4 p.m. at Klindt’s.

Stacey lives in The Dalles. where she is currently writing her next book. To hear our interview, click on the grey podcast bar below