Victoria Aveyard – The Red Queen

Combining the Supernatural Abilities of X-Men, the Political Intrigue of Game of Thrones, and the Imbalanced Society of The Hunger Games

Victoria Aveyard brings us

With foreign rights sold in 21 territories and film rights already snatched up by Universal Pictures, RED QUEEN is the first book in an original Young Adult fantasy-adventure trilogy that is sure to win scores of fans worldwide.

The Red QueenVictoria AveyardAs an intern for a Hollywood agency after graduating from USC, Victoria spent her time combing through self-published books in the hopes of finding one in which to acquire the rights. After a time of doing this, she decided to give writing a novel a go – and to great success. Buzz is building for the book – already named an Indies Introduce pick – along with Victoria, who is only 24.  The film rights have been sold to Universal with Gennifer Hutchinson (Breaking Bad) set to pen the script.

The Story
In the world of Victoria Aveyard’s RED QUEEN, the world is divided by blood. Those with Red blood are commoners and serve the Silver-blooded elite who have been gifted with superhuman abilities. Mare is scraping by as a thief until a twist of fate throws her in front of the Silver court where she discovers she has an ability all her own – even though her blood is Red. To avoid revolt, the royal family forces Mare into an elaborate cover-up scheme, where she plays the role of a lost Silver princess betrothed to a prince. Soon Mare finds herself and her heart entrenched in both the Silver world and a growing Red rebellion. An upheaval is coming, and Mare is ready to fight. But one wrong move can lead to her death, and the only certainty in this dangerous game is betrayal.

About the Author
Victoria Aveyard was born and raised in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a small town known only for the worst traffic rotary in the continental United States. She moved to Los Angeles to earn a BFA in screenwriting at the University of Southern California, and stayed there despite the lack of seasons. She is currently an author and screenwriter, using her career as an excuse to read too many books and watch too many movies. She has sold several television pilots and feature-length screenplays. RED QUEEN is her first novel.  Additionally, Victoria has sold a screenplay, Eternal, which will be melded with a story written by Stan Lee for Sony. <>

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01 31 13 DHS Class of ’65 working on full-scale alumni association

01 31 13 Mike Elston DHS Class of 1965 for TDWHS alumni associationMike Elston of The Dalles High School Class of 1965 stopped by the studios to tell us about a fundraising effort the class had made in order to provide tablets to a match class so they could download textbooks rather than spending all the money for expensive textbooks that would be completely outmoded in a few years. They raised $4,000 in just a few months and then an anonymous giver donated a matching amount, which allowed them to equip another class.

Now the DHS class of 1965 is challenging all other former classes of both The Dalles and Wahtonka to match or beat their gift.

And they’re looking to form an alumni organization. Check out the interview below.

You can reach Mike at (503) 753-7932 or at


12 18 12 Mike Smith

By his own admission, Mike Smith serves on 21 boards and commissions, and in today’s Talk of The Gorge program, we talk about three of them: his role as a Sherman County Commissioner, his role as chair of the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments and his role as representative to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization.

12 13 12 Sonic Light Brigade

Our guests on Talk of the Gorge were Lou Marzeles and Leslie Geatches, the core of the Goldendale-based folk-rock band Sonic Light Brigade. The group focuses on great melody, catchy rhythms, and sound craftsmanship. While known for its prize-winning originals, the group also plays a crowd-pleasing mix of well-known songs, and they are skilled at programming concerts for specific occasions. As live performers, their aim is to be engaging, moving, and at the same time a lot of fun.

In its choice of material, the band specializes in what they call memorable music. “There’s a reason people remember certain music,” says Marzeles. “There are qualities in some songs that make them stick fondly in the mind. We focus on those qualities. During our sets you could hear well-known tunes from a wide range of eras alongside originals that sound like they could have easily come from those same times. We play them because great melody and catchy rhythms are the foundational qualities that shape all lasting trends and patterns for popular music.” The band covers a lot of decades of music, though it certainly isn’t about “oldies,” especially given that half the band is in their 20s and love the music they play. “It’s about melody, harmony, rhythm, fun—by all means fun—the sound and spirit of being in a great groove together.” And when the band performs, they include their audience in that groove. Topping off the familiar sounds are the band’s originals that have won awards and a recording contract.