Profile #5 Marty Hutchinson

Marty Hutchinson_Spot: Marty Hutchinson is originally from North Dakota, with family in Bismark. He came to the Northwest to attend Washington State University and remained. He’s worked for a number of companies in a 32-year career processing agricultural products including working with canned vegetables, frozen soups for H. J. Heinz and fruit and juice for Treetop. He is currently plant manager of the Oregon Cherry Growers’ Riverside plant on West First Street in The Dalles, which is largely devoted to infusing cherries with sugar and flavors.

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Profile #4: Gip Redman

11 05 13 Gip RedmanBio: Gip Redman is a third generation grower in the Yakima Valley and has been an orchardist all his life. For the past seven years he has served Oregon Cherry Growers as the VP of Field Services using his extensive knowledge of the fruit industry and his degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington to work with growers to improve their orchards. Gip also serves on the Board of the Washington State Fruit Commission, which assists with cherry promotion both domestically and internationally, and is involved in both the Oregon and Washington research commissions, which help resolve problems growers face today.

Profile #3: Greg Johnson

09 16 13 Greg JohnsonBio: Greg Johnson’s farm is 150 years old. His great-great grandfather and his brother came to The Dalles in 1862. He says he’s proud of the fact, and pleased that his son wants to be the sixth generation on the family farm and that his daughter wants to be an ag teacher and work on the farm. Sustainability, he says, is kind of a buzzword in the industry, but in order for him to be able to pass on the family farm in good shape, he’s got to make the right decisions now. As he points out, “We’ve been doing sustainable things for 150 years.”

Johnson also notes the value of the Oregon Cherry Growers isn’t just in the good years. With rough weather conditions last year, his cherries weren’t of a quality for the fresh market, but Oregon Cherry Growers helped him find other markets so he was able to pick his fruit. “Oregon Cherry Growers treats their growers like family,” he says.

Profile #1: Megan Thompson

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spotlight on Oregon Cherry Growers 150Bio: Megan Thompson is a Field Representative with Oregon Cherry Growers in The Dalles. She works with area growers to facilitate maximum grower return and quality control. Megan graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Horticulture and has been working with Oregon Cherry Growers for 14 years.