William R. Forstchen – Day of Wrath

Day of WrathWilliam ForstchenThis novella by New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen imagines a horrifying scenario where, in the course of one day, the terrorist group ISIS carries out massacres in schools and on highways across the United States. With a surprisingly small but well-organized and ruthless force, the nightmarish devastation brings America to a state of near-paralysis.

Author of ONE SECOND AFTER and PILLAR TO THE SKY, this heart-stopping novella brings home just how fragile our defenses and infrastructure really are. It is also a story of heroic efforts to save lives, while sounding a wake-up call to American citizens and their government.

Story: Bob Petersen arrives with his daughter at the Middle Grade school in Maine where he teaches, expecting another regular day but worried about what recent ominous news reports might portend. Suddenly his school — along with many others across the United States — is under attack. Gunmen burst in, slaughtering children and adults alike.

From the ISIS leader in Syria, to the murderous rampages throughout the U.S., Day of Wrath reveals with chilling effect how national panic and paralyzing terror at the spiraling violence can bring a mighty country to a near-standstill. Petersen’s fight to save lives and stop the merciless gunmen provides edge-of-the-seat drama. Day of Wrath is a provocative work that should stimulate an intense national debate.

The above is a description of the novella from Amazon.

Let me add that Forstchen’s work is a page-turner of the highest order. Don’t start this until you’ve cleared some time, because you’re not going to put it down.  And it is a wake-up call for an all-too likely development we hope never happens.

He was kind enough to give us an extended interview which you can listen to by clicking on the grey podcast bar below.


Bryn Fleming – Cassie and Jasper To the Rescue: Book 1 of the Range Rider Series

Cassie and Jasper coverBryn FlemingTime is short. A horse is in danger. Can cowgirl Cassie and her sidekick Jasper rescue the horse from the owner’s villainous son? Or will the mare go to the local auction and meet a bad end?

The ranch kids, raised on rodeos and cattle drives, resurrect the dilapidated corral and barn of an abandoned homestead to house the soon-to-be-rescued mare. The kids hide, sneak, and spy on the neglectful horse owners. Then, in a desperate night ride, Cassie and Jasper attempt to lead the rescued horse to safety. Danger trails close behind them on a roaring four-wheeler. Jasper musters his courage and risks all for the horse and his friend.

Along the way a new friendship and understanding develops as Cassie and Jasper help the neglected horse’s elderly owner to care for her properly. At the abandoned ranch, the pursuer reappears, forcing Cassie into a dangerous game of hide-and-seek in the old ranch buildings. She’s trapped in the old barn, along with the mare. Will Jasper return in time? Are the kids’ cowboy skills enough to save them all?

That’s the storyline to Bryn Fleming’s “Cassie and Jasper to the Rescue,” the first in a projected series known as the Range Riders. It’s aimed at animal-loving middle grade readers, but Fleming’s clean prose and understanding of middle-grader’s feelings makes for a comfortable read for adults as well. Fleming hails from Mitchell, Oregon, and a strong sense of place comes through. She was one of the authors at Klindt’s in The Dalles this holiday season, and is well worth seeking out if you missed that appearance. You can hear our Dec. 19 interview with her by clicking on the grey podcast bar below.

About the author: First time author, Bryn Fleming, volunteered at a wildlife care center as a teenager and hopes this book will inspire kids to get involved with animal rescue groups. She loves writing, animals, and adventure and has taught creative writing classes, worked in seven different National Parks from Denali in Alaska, to Yellowstone and the Florida Everglades, crewed on sailing yachts in Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, worked at the Oregon Zoo for ten years, and now is a fish biology field technician helping to restore endangered wild steelhead to Oregon rivers. She lives in Oregon with rescue dogs Harley and Pippin, shelter cats Amber and Angel, horses Sky and Skookum, an adopted wild burro Biscuit and a mini-mule Mercy. Facebook at: Cassie andJasper. There are more adventures to come in her new series.

Author’s website: http://www.brynfleming.com/

Louise Penny – The Long Way Home

The Long Way HomeLouise PennyLouise Penny is renowned for fiction that combines heartbreak and hope, and offers a window into the human soul. Author of the beloved Chief Inspector Gamache series, she continues to up the ante with her vibrant series – each one more astonishing than the last. Penny once again reinvents and surprises in her latest novel, “The Long Way Home.”

The above is the publisher’s blurb, but it is far from adequate in describing the intelligence, the warmth and sometimes laugh-out-loud humor of this fascinating series.

“The Long Way Home” was this reviewer’s introduction to Chief Inspector Gamache, his wife Reine-Marie and the enchanting hidden village of Three Pines, Quebec. Both my wife and I were so entranced that we have restarted an earlier practice – I am reading the books in order to my wife in the evenings, and we are both enjoying them in depth.

Since starting author interviews here, I’ve done more than 200 of them, and despite some of the technical difficulties you’ll hear in the podcast, it rates in my Top Five. Click on the grey podcast bar below, and you’ll discover an author of rare humanity who has filled her books with characters we would love to meet — as well as some of the nastier characters we’re glad to keep confined to the pages of her books.

Her skilled craftsmanship gives us prose that delights with its clarity, compassion, and sparkling playfulness.

This is the Good Stuff – enjoy with our highest recommendaton

David Shapiro – Terra Tempo 3: The Academy of Planetary Evolution

Terra Tempo 3 The Academy of Planetary Evolution cover

Author David Shapiro, Artist Christopher Herndon, Colorist Erica Melville

Author David Shapiro, Artist Christopher Herndon, Colorist Erica Melville

David Shapiro will be at Klindt’s Booksellers Saturday, November 29 from 3 to 5 p.m. To listen to our interview, recorded Wednesday, November 26, click on the grey podcast bar below.

The third volume in the Terra Tempo graphic novel series, Terra Tempo: The Academy of Planetary Evolution starts off with a big bang as the series’ intrepid heroes, Jenna, Caleb, and Ari race from the Cenozoic era to the modern age, making their way through the evolution of mammals, to finally earn their degrees from the Academy of Planetary Evolution and be considered full-fledged Time Explorers. But when the Bone Wars of the late 1800s threaten to break over to the modern age, and Ari has been taken in for questioning, the kids find themselves in a fight alongside some of history’s most notable natural historians, including Herman Melville, Annie Montague Alexander, and Andrew Carnegie, as they race to ensure the safety of the world’s history, and it’s future.

Review: the Terra Tempo series involves three creators working at the top of their form: writer David Shapiro, artist Christopher Herndon and colorist Erica Melville. The books are also beautifully printed on glossy stock with full color on every single page. It’s a delight for the eyes and a feast for the mind, as readers learn along with the explorers about plate tectonics, the evolution of mammals, and the history of the Bone Wars of the 18th Century, among other fascinating subjects.

Interview – Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

Join New York Times best-selling author NEIL GAIMAN and his wife (and rock star, crowd funding pioneer, social media maven and TED speaker) AMANDA PALMER as they discuss their careers, recent works and the joy of audio books

The Art of Asking Amanda Palmer 300Neil Gaiman 300Thanksgiving is the biggest travel holiday of the year with millions of Americans anticipating hours of unavoidable traffic, gridlock, and delays. Audio books are the perfect way to transform time that would otherwise be wasted into the most entertaining part of your trip!  Nearly all of today’s biggest books are available in audio. Read by polished actors, passionate authors, and even celebrities, these CD’s and digital downloads are the perfect way to sit back, relax, and make the time fly by on what would otherwise be an agonizingly wasteful commute. 

Authors Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are no strangers to audio books. The majority of Neil’s books are available in audio including his latest THE GRAVEYARD BOOK.  Amanda narrated her most recent book, THE ART OF ASKING, which has unique special features like an original exclusive performance of Amanda’s “Bigger on the Inside,” as well as music from The Dresden Dolls, Ben Folds, Walt Ribeiro, and Sxip Shirey.

To listen to our interview with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, just click on the grey podcast bar below:



Mary Higgins Clark & Alifair Burke – The Cinderella Murder

The Cindarella MurderMary_Higgins_Clark_from WikipediaTHE CINDERELLA MURDER:  When Susan Dempsey, a beautiful and multi-talented UCLA student, was found dead, her murder raised numerous questions. Why was her car parked miles from her body? Had she ever shown up for the acting audition she was due to attend at the home of an up-and-coming director? Why does Susan’s boyfriend want to avoid questions about their relationship? Was her disappearance connected to a controversial church that was active on campus? Was she close to her computer science professor because of her technological brilliance, or something more? And why was Susan missing one of her shoes when her body was discovered? With the help of lawyer and Under Suspicion host Alex Buckley, Laurie knows the case will attract great ratings, especially when the former suspects include Hollywood’s elite and tech billionaires. The suspense and drama are perfect for the silver screen—but is Cinderella’s murderer ready for a close-up?

BIO:  MARY HIGGINS CLARK, #1 New York Times bestselling author, has written thirty-four suspense novels; three collections of short stories; a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story; and a memoir,Kitchen Privileges. She is the coauthor with Carol Higgins Clark of five suspense novels: Dashing through the Snow, Deck the Halls, He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, The Christmas Thief, and Santa Cruise. Her books are worldwide bestsellers, with over 100 million sold in the United States alone. She lives with her husband, John Conheeney, in Saddle River, New Jersey.

To hear our interview with Ms. Clark, just click on th egrey podcast bar below:

David Baldacci – The Escape

The Escape by David BaldacciDavid Baldacci 300 x 400Following The Forgotten and Zero Day, #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his next thriller featuring military investigator John Puller, THE ESCAPE. Called a “master craftsman” by the Associated Pressand “one of the greatest thriller writers of the last decade” by Strand Magazine, Baldacci is once again at the top of his game in THE ESCAPE, spinning an elaborate tale that demonstrates his breadth and depth as one of the most celebrated writers today.


In THE ESCAPE there’s a prison unlike any other.  Military discipline rules.  Its security systems are unmatched.  None of its prisoners dream of escaping.  They know it’s impossible. Until now.

John Puller’s older brother, Robert, was convicted of treason and national security crimes.  His inexplicable escape from prison makes him the most wanted criminal in the country.  Some in the government believe that John Puller represents their best chance at capturing Robert alive, and so Puller takes on the burden of bringing his brother in to face justice.

But Puller quickly discovers that there are others pursuing his brother, who only see Robert as a traitor and are unconcerned if he survives.  Puller is in turn pushed into an uneasy, fraught partnership with another agent, who may have an agenda of her own.

They dig more deeply into the case together, and Puller finds that not only are her allegiances unclear, but that there are troubling details about his brother’s conviction….and that someone is out there who doesn’t want the truth to ever come to light. As the nation-wide manhunt for Robert grows more urgent, Puller’s masterful skills as an investigator and strength as a fighter may not be enough to save his brother—or himself.


BIO: David Baldacci is a global #1 bestselling author. His books are published in over 45 languages and in more than 80 countries, with over 110 million copies in print; several have been adapted for both feature film and television. David Baldacci is also the cofounder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across America. Still a resident of his native Virginia, he invites you to visit him at www.DavidBaldacci.com and his foundation at www.WishYouWellFoundation.org.


David Baldacci has returned for a record-breaking sixth interview with Cover to Cover. You can listen to that interview by clicking on the grey podcast bar below. In it you’ll hear why there’s an echo of Sherlock Holmes in the story of John Puller and his brother and why this book ramps up the action and intenseity of the series. This is superb stuff from an author at the top of his form and a plot that pulls the reader breathlessly from page to page.