Billy Bloom – Walter and the Wallet

About the book

Walter Whippingdale is having the worst day of his life. The girl he likes is making googly eyes at another boy in his class. He struck out during recess. He broke his favorite watch. A giant pimple appeared on his nose. And to top it off, he somehow managed to get mustard in his eye at lunch! Walking home from school, his head is hanging low. Which is precisely how Walter spots a wallet lying in the street…a wallet bursting with cash. Suddenly, his terrible day is about to change. But how?. Kids will be drawn in by the beautiful illustrations and enjoy the humor in the story, while parents and educators will appreciate this lighthearted character development book.

As an added bonus, the text is rendered in quatrains, four-line stanzas in poetry form, and the illustrations by Tanya Leonello have a wonderfully lighthearted feel that makes for a wistfully charming tale.

About the author

Billy Bloom is an elementary school teacher in New York. Before becoming a teacher, he had several other jobs, including professional Frisbee player (finishing 6th in the World Championships in 1983), newspaper editor, advertising copywriter, and volleyball league owner. He currently referees middle and high school volleyball and basketball games after school and on weekends. This is Billy Bloom’s debut children’s book.
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