Albert Einstein To Appear at Moro, April 21

Coming soon, Albert Einstein – alive and in person to Sherman County!
Broadway and film veteran Duffy Hudson will bring Albert Einstein to life in a unique one-man show, “The Relativity of Albert Einstein,” set for Monday, April 21 at 12:45 p.m. at the Sherman County High School at Moro.

The public is invited to this special one-hour school assembly. Admission is free.

Imagine Albert Einstein explaining the Theory of Relativity in a fun and exciting way, without any required knowledge of mathematics or physics. The show covers elements of Einstein’s life and humor, the speed of light, time travel, gravity and space-time, and what is E=MC2 anyway? This show will excite students and adults alike to look at the mechanics of the Universe with new eyes.

The program is hosted by Sherman County Public-School Library as part of a regional tour sponsored by Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO), For further information, please contact library directors Jeanney McArthur or Arla Melzer.

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