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Melissa Pope-231x300Storms can represent a sudden and frightening change in the environment. They’re noisy and disruptive and can rattle more than windows. If you’ve ever had a child in your family who has been frightened by storms, you’ll be interested in Melissa Pope’s solution. Her own son had that problem and eventually, she found a way to help kids cope.  She shares it through her new book Storm Buddies, and the plush stuffed animals themselves in their cloud pillow.  Melissa spent a number of years as a teacher and that made it easier to identify with them and write the book.

You can hear our interview with her by clicking on the podcast below.

For more information, visit her website here.

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  1. Melissa Pope says:

    THANK YOU, Rodger for the interview for Storm Buddies, and the wonderful comments – Melissa Pope

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