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In THE TEMPLARS: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God’s Holy Warriors, bestselling author Dan Jones tells the true story of the Knights Templar, drawing on extensive original sources to build a gripping account of these legendary warriors whose heroism and depravity have so often been shrouded in myth. Their reputation has proven enduring, inspiring everything from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to The Da Vinci Code and the popular videogame Assassin’s Creed. This winter we will see the Templars come to life again in a major new production by A&E Studios and the History Channel, which Dan is the historical consultant to. Please let me know if you would like an interview with Dan Jones.

Jerusalem 1119. A small group of knights seeking a purpose in the violent aftermath of the First Crusade decides to set up a new order. These are the first Knights of Templar, a band of elite warriors prepared to give their lives to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land. Over the next two hundred years, the Templars would become the most powerful religious order of the medieval world.

Protected by the Pope and sworn to strict personal vows of celibacy, obedience and poverty, the Templars soon accrued vast fame and wealth. At the height of their power they financed wars, lent money to kings, and annihilated those who threatened their interests. They were experts at channeling money across borders, immune from taxation, and beyond the control of kings. They were the first elite special forces, and the first global bankers, able to accept deposits in London or Paris for remittances in Spain or Jerusalem. Their legend continues to inspire elite special forces, free masons, and conservative activists ranging from Mexican drug lords to Steve Bannon.

Dan Jones goes back to the sources to bring their dramatic tale, so relevant to our own times, in a book that is at once authoritative and compulsively readable.

Dan Jones is the bestselling author of The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queen Who Made England, a New York Times bestseller; Wars of the Roses, which charts the story of the fall of the Plantagenets and the improbable rise of the Tudors; Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty; and Summer of Blood. He wrote and presented the popular Netflix series Secrets of Great British Castles and appeared alongside George R. R. Martin in the official HBO film exploring the real history behind Game of Thrones. He is also the historical consultant to Knightfall, a major new production from A&E Studios and The History Channel on the legend of the Templars, produced by Jeremy Renner and due to air this winter.

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