Eagle Creek Fire Update: 9/11

The Eagle Creek fire 33,382 acres 7% contained.

Two community meetings will be held tonight to share information about the Eagle Creek Fire: 6 p.m. at the Edgefield Amphitheater, 2126 Halsey Street, in Troutdale and
7:00 p.m. at the Marine Park Pavilion in Cascade Locks.

I-84 remains closed. ODOT is working closely with fire officials to determine when westbound lanes of I-84 can reopen. Eastbound I-84 will remain closed at least another week—the minimum time required to complete rock removal.

The Historic Columbia River Highway remains closed with no schedule to reopen. Rocks and trees continue to fall; ODOT is working to keep the highway available for firefighters, but the highway is not safe for travel.

Danger trees. ODOT has removed about 2,000 trees that were in danger of falling onto I-84 with about 1,500 remaining to be removed. Tree removal efforts should be finished by early in the coming week.

Rockfall. The biggest impediment to re-opening the highway is the threat of falling rocks, most of them around the Toothrock Tunnel. The work is slow in steep, difficult terrain extending high up onto the hillside.

Multnomah County evacuation zones remain in place at least until tomorrow. Fire officials said some of the burned areas near homes are still very hot. Firefighters want to be sure the area is cleared of dry brush and other fuel that could ignite in pockets near the homes. They also want to be sure electricity and other utilities are all in working order before lifting evacuation orders.

Over the weekend, the Hood River County Sheriff added a Level One for the western third of Hood River County area runs from Collins Rd. in Dee at the south end to I-84 on the north end, and includes all areas west of the following lines: Country Club south to Reed Road, running due south to Hwy. 281, continuing along 281 to milepost 12.5, then following the Middle Fork of the Hood River until it comes parallel with the south end of Collins Road.

The Coast Guard announced Sunday afternoon that it was reopening the Columbia River to all vessel traffic.

But the forest service which operates federal lands in the National Scenic Area, Saturday closed the scenic area east of the Sandy Delta, south of the Columbia to the scenic area border and west of Hood River to anyone but law enforcement, firefighter, or Bonneville Power Administration, Army Corps of Engineers or Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlive

Four homes have burned since the Eagle Creek fire began nine days ago, on Sept. 2.

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