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  1. Dave Jenkins says:

    My Pablo Cruise crew guy, Tom, and I visited the museum on the 13th of July, and our minds were blown. What an amazing collection of beautiful aircraft! Gets the fantasies going. The golden age of flying and barnstorming. Those were the guys, man. And I was so impressed with Ben and his dedication to keeping everything running and looking perfect. And wow!, perfect, like new machines! And he was friendly and more than willing to share his story and information about those planes. Nice guy. I will definitely come back when ever I get back to that area. In fact, I hope we book another gig up there, just so I can come see that exhibit again. And I think Ben would have been one of those barnstormers had he lived back then.
    Dave Jenkins, Pablo Cruise guitarist and vocalist.

  2. JIm Walker says:

    Ned someone’s advice. I have a 1929 Aviation magazine (35 cents) that I really an afraid will be tossed out when Im gone. Im 85 now and would like to see this multi page info in some museum or buff. I flew B29s in WW2, jets in later time, and D C10 flight instrucor for airlines. Go any leads ? Jim W

  3. Dan Bielenberg says:

    Would love to hear the interview!

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